Being Bigger is ALWAYS Better... But There Are Responsibilities!

I learned an important lesson about being "bigger" than everyone else from my Training Instructor at the age of 18.

"Always take care of those who are smaller than you."

Be careful you don't just do the casual reading of that Life Rule! It's like an Ogre, to steal a line from  the movie Shrek, its "got layers".

There are many ways to be bigger and there are many ways a person can be smaller. Pausing a moment, I'm sure you can see the deeper side of this Life Rule; and thus the burden of living the Rule as I agreed.

It's easy to forget that burden and the many different sides of being bigger. Sometimes the "smaller" people need to remind me.

My 7 yo daughter is kind of small... she's my little runt! She stays right in my hip pocket whenever she's home from school and will tell me the unabridged version of her day and sing the extended dance version of any songs she may have learned in class. I had no idea first grade had so much drama!

On Sunday she came out of her Sunday School class and pulled on my suit jacket so I would kneel down for a minute. She had her other little hand balled up tight around something...

In an excited, breathless whisper she said, "Look what I got in class... a wing (ring)!"

"Why, Ramona! That is the prettiest ring!"

"It means to "Choose The Wight (Right)"..."

I was familiar with the message but nodded my seemingly uninformed approval to the fine and appropriate message.

"I need you to keep it for me... for just a little while. I don't want to lose it!"

"Well, sweetie don't you need to wear it so that you will remember to "Choose The Right"?"

She pushed the ring into my hand and laughed and hugged me,

"That's why I have YOU, Dad!"


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