Falling In Love Sounds a LOT Like Getting Your Butt Kicked

I am on a basketball team. Yup! Professional...

(Grinning Really BIG) I tried to keep a straight face saying that! I do play with a regular group and we ARE all professionals, just not professional basketball players. (Smiling ) Let's see we have two professional singers, a writer, a lawyer and ME!

My lawyer friend told us just yesterday that he is in love, again. (I'm immediately underwhelmed) I ask him how he knows he's in love and he begins to expound the "signs and symptoms" of being in love.He is a lawyer so he has an oral and aural fixation with words, whereas, I am a writer, and I have a visual and written fixation with words. So he begins to expound and pontificate and we all begin to look for a place to sit down... because this is going to take some time!

As I listen to my lawyer friend, I begin to realize that if I didn't already know what he was talking about I would swear he had some woman kicking his butt! Seriously!

"She makes me feel kind of light headed and when she talks to me its like her words sink in deep. I can't seem to escape her gaze and I always feel like I'm helpless against her wit and charm."

The token female on the team is now rolling her eyes.

He continues, "I tried to not let myself fall in love with her but I she pulls me back with her loving kisses and smiles. I just feel helpless against her."

I am getting rather "disgusted" by these oral soliloquies at this point and throw the basketball at the side of his head when he's not looking.

"Sounds dangerous to me..." I mutter, as I dodge the basketball that has been poorly thrown back at me. "If I didn't know any better it sounds to me like you got your butt kicked by a girl!" I wander towards the locker room.

"Token" (the female player) is laughing so hard she is snorting at this point. "Yooou got your butt kicked! Yoooouuu got your butt kicked!" (She's obviously one of the two singers)


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