Finally! Time to Let it Go!!!

For all of you "doubters" and "idealogues" I think you should know...I'm smarter than I appear. That's not a difficult notion to prove because, quite honestly... I appear to be a large, beefy dufus. So exceeding expectations is certainly not a "ground breaking" experience for me.

I also tend to be a little naive as far as trusting people. I tend to WANT to believe that the average person does not wake up and say to themselves, "It's Tuesday! I'm going to go F - - - someone up! Just for the hell of it!" (Although I am finding this to be the case more and more often, which I find rather disturbing.)

But this "self-sponsored naivety" has a tendency to put me into difficult spots... I look like a pushover... a dupe... a wussy... (you get the picture). In my excitement to rush in on my "white horse" I tend to over-extend my limited emotional reserves and I can feel the pressure mount (and mount). And no, I'm not talking about YOU!

I feel like I'm drifting off course a little here...

That's an understatement! That could be the defining statement for the WHOLE damn country... we've drifted off course... a little here... a little there... not so much over there.... but a lot up there! So it's time to leave a 2009 behind, all of it! Yes even that part!

Time to realize that we may not like where we stand but that we are all still standing. Time to consider how doing what "feels" right is not as important as what "IS" right and take that next step in the RIGHT direction... not only individually, but as communities and a country.

Defining moments happen every day! We define them! It's all one giant "linked system"! One small adjustment here, can make a big adjustment there... and so on.

For me! I'm done with all of 2009 (spit). Finished with it...

Take me home, Mr. Goss (Cover your eyes if you are at BYU)...


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